Artworks made out of Broken Vinyl Records. The collection has been a good balance of rock, pop, soul, Hip Hop and various musical icons and legends as a form of celebration or immortalizing them using the same “tools” that helped make them achieve greatness globally.

Their Music also helped influence various forms of expression in culture, art, style and fashion, like the Afropunk Movement, depicting individuals from various backgrounds speaking out through fashion, art, music, film etc.


Mtoto wa Sagana / 150cm by 110cm / Available
Rebel Woman / 150cm by 110cm / Available
Malaika / 120cm by 90cm / Sold
Karolina / 90cm by 120cm / Available
Makings of a Queen / 100cm x 120cm / Available
'Holy' Man / 80cm by 120cm / Sold
I am Legend (Basquiat) / 90cm by 120cm / Sold
Spirit Voices / 120cm by 120cm / Available
Mama Box / 100cm by 100cm / Sold
The Purple One / 80cm by 100cm / Sold
Jomo / 100cm by 100cm / Sold
Olorook/ 90cm by 120cm/ Sold
Conscious Daughter II / 80cm by 100cm / Sold
Conscious Daughter / 80cm by 100cn / Sold
Armstrong / 80cm by 120cm / Sold
Godfather / 90cm by 120cm / Available
Zenzile Makeba / 100cm by 120cm / Sold
ABC / 90cm by 120cm / Sold
Olorook II / 80cm by 120cm / Sold
Beautiully Crowned / 90cm x 120cm / Sold
Radioactive / 60cm by 120cm /Sold
Breakdancing / 150cm by 70cm / Sold
Boombox Maasai / 90cm x 130cm / Sold
The Finest / 50cm by 60cm / Sold
Rastaman Vibrations / 80cm x 100cm / Sold
Presley / 60cm by 120cm / Sold
Slash / 100cm x 120cm / Available
Afropunk II / 90cm x 120cm / Sold
AfroPunk / 100cm x 120cm / Sold
Sounds of Blackness / 100cm x 100cm / Sold
First Lady of Soul [Aretha Franklin] / 90cm x 100cm / Sold
Hot Chocolate / 50cm x 60cm / Sold
Ray Charles / 90cm x 100cm / Avalable
Own your Queeness / 80cm x 80cm / Sold
Makings of a Queen / 100cm x 120cm / Sold
Santana / 90cm x 100cm / Sold
The Black President [Fela Kuti] / 100cm x 120cm / Sold
Nubian Queen / 70cm by 80cm / Sold
True Blue [Madonna] / 90cm x 100cm / Sold
Afrodite / 70cm by 80cm / Sold
Lauryn Hill / 80cm x 70cm / Sold
King of Rock n Roll / 90cm x 100cm / Sold
Imagine / 90cm x 100cm / Sold
Untitled / Sold
Untitled / Sold
Abbey Road / 100cm x 80cm / Sold
Bob Marley / 80cm x 100cm / Sold