Face on Vinyl Concept

For me, art has always been about the freedom and the progression, so from time to time, I will come up with a couple of experimental art pieces, to express an idea, in a way that is different and something people would appreciate… that is why I started painting images on vinyl records.

These visually powerful, aesthetically striking works are a unique addition to any collection and will most likely become timeless treasures as the vinyl records themselves. Vinyl Records have continued to outlive its analogue sisters; cassettes ain’t got nothing on it, Betamax and VHS cassettes? Hush your mout’….. Vinyl Records are still being celebrated and traded to date, and its inspired whole genres of music, without it, Hip Hop wouldn’t breathe a note, Dub, Reggae and Roots might have become a lost musical form. Vinyls are here to stay, this form of art is a celebration, not a defacement…

Vinyl is not just for listening to, vinyl in itself is art, even before I painted on its surface. I have taken the vinyl records of various past one hit wonders, and turned them into works of art celebrating those widely acknowledged as legends, for good reasons. I would like to emphasize that no Jimi Hendrix or The Beetles 12 inch LPs have been, or will be maimed in this process. The only forgiveness I ask from the music gods, is that they look upon me I good favour as in the same way they chose to bestow fortune on the great musicians and abandon others.

The collections I am working on will be a good balance between rock, pop, classical, Hip Hop and various political icons and legends. HOWEVER, if you would like to have your portrait done on the Vinyl Record, or have a favourite musician commemorated , do not hesitate to contact me.

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